Sunday, March 19, 2017

Jayapura At A Glance

What is the first tought if heard Jayapura? Far from Jakarta, city with no interesting place, primitive? Hehe totally wrong. Nowadays, Jayapura has airport which can be landed by Airbus A330. In April 2017, Garuda Indonesia plan to fly to Jayapura using Airbus A330. Sentani airport also required with airport bus (DAMRI), ready to pick up passenger heading for Jayapura City from 7 A.M. with one hour interval. It takes almost 90 minutes from Sentani to Jayapura. This airport bus departs from Jayapura from 4:30 A.M. So, it is enough time to catch the morning flight to Merauke, Biak, or Jakarta. Almost forgot, airport bus costs IDR 50.000. Cheaper from taxi that will cost around IDR 300.000.

Jayapura has numbers of hotels. In example Horison, Aston, Swisbell, and many more. The rate of deluxe room is around IDR 900.000/night. Jayapura also has the famous bookstore, Gramedia. Not so far from Gramedia, there is Mal Jayapura, the mall that also Jayapura XXI in there. IDR 50.000 for weekdays movie, and IDR 75.000 for weekends.

How about food? Jayapura has J.Co, KFC, Breadtalk, Solaria, Excelso cafe, and many more. In the afternoon there also street food around the GOR Jayapura, the seller almost all are moslem, so muslim traveler, dont worry if you want visit Jayapura.

Sightseeing? Dont sure about this one, but there is one called Mac Arthur highland, the place where Mac Arthur (US high rank soldier) was landed in order to attack Japan in World War II. Mac Arthur site is located within the area of military base. It is free entry, but have to open side window or helmet cover if passing by the gate. Mac Arthur site is only 30 minutes from Sentani Airport.

From Mac Arthur highland, can be seen Sentani Lake and Sentani Airport runway. It is breathtaking view that must be capture with wide lenses.

So there are short story about Jayapura, one of main gate in Eastern Indonesia. Have a nice day!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Nature of East Priangan

Last month I went to one of tourist destinations in Tasikmalaya, It called Curug Dengdeng (Waterfall) and Karang Tawulan beach. It located in southern of Tasikmalaya City. Actually, Karang Tawulan is already part of Pangandaran Region.

The journey start at 8 in the morning, my friends are ready before 8 at meeting point. Mostly, we rides motorcycle, but I choose to take a car because my equipment is being left in Bandung.

We ride for almost 2 hours before we arrive at Cikatomas, rest awhile in gas station, Curug Dengdeng is only 4 km from the gas station. When I look to the fall, I disappointed. Well, the fall is not waterfall, the water is not there. Unfortunately wet season was not yet coming. So this is it. Curug Dengdeng.

Anyway, we still try to get some freshness from the water under the fall. The water is clear, clean, and fresh. Be careful if you want to swim, several parts is deeper than 3 meters. Enough with the falls, we continue the journey to the beach, Karang Tawulan beach, approximately one hour journey from the fall.

In Karang Tawulan beach, there is a lot of spots to be explored. I choose to walk around and find this place. It is rocky cliff where I can enjoy sunset.

As I wait for sunset, there are severals fisherman who go to this wavy water of the sea to look for lobster. No wonder lobster is expensive commodity.

At last, sunset. I love sunset, the color of the sky, the stress relieve feeling, the sound of sea water hit the rock. It is fact that to get here, beaches at southern West Java, is difficult, hard to find reliable public transportation and accomodation, but as long as you have your own vehicle and travel mates of course, nature of east priangan will gives you unforgettable moments.

Have a nice holiday.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Le Marly

Ah, it's been a long time, without you my blog :p
Yes, the last post was 5 months ago, where have you been? classic excuse, busy with office matter.
Anyway, it is weekend already, time to spend it with vacation. This time, I will take you to one of restaurant in Jalan Riau (R.E. Martadinata), Bandung, West Java. Yes, Bandung will always be good place for spend your weekend.
Le Marly, according to the name, this restaurant is taste of French culinary. I am not familiar with French culinary, but I took the picture of their menu.

I order "Le Havre", it is like lasagna with white and red sauce, mix with spinach and strawberry milkshake for drink. Lasagna and milkshake? sounds unfamiliar? Strawberry milkshake is my favorite. Whatever the meal, I choose strawberry milkshake for drink. So, this is it!

In my opinion, the dishes is delicious. For this menu, I spent IDR 80.000, worth to the taste. The service in Le Marly restaurant is good, responsive, waiting time is only 10-15 minutes. The ambience of Le Marly is comfortable for long chit-chat with friends, dating, family dinner, also informal business meeting.

Le Marly is located at Jalan Citarum 10, in front of Masjid Istiqomah, near SMAN 20 (high school), can be reach by public transportation (angkot) St.Hall - Sadang Serang.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Bandung Tourism

If we talk about Bandung's tourism, we can mention a lot of things, start from Tangkuban Parahu crater and Lembang highland at north, Kawah Putih and Situ Patenggang at south, until the newest tourism spot is Stone Garden in the West Bandung Region. Beside all of that, we have to admit it if Jalan Asia Afrika and its surrounding become the new tourism spot in the heart of Bandung after Asian-African Conference last April.

Jalan Asia Afrika is one of the busiet road in Bandung, stretch from Simpang Lima until Jalan Otista (Otto Iskandar Dinata). This is the road which historical walk took place in 1955, the first Asian-African Conference. Now the road is fully upgraded with a lot of public space. The mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, wants Bandung to regain its nickname, "Parijs van Java".

Moreover, to bring the feel of the history, Asian-African symbol of Dasasila Bandung is being moved from Simpang Lima to the adjacent of Cikapundung river. Dasasila Bandung is ten points result of the Asian-African Conference in 1955. It is symbolized in ten row of rocks just like in the picture below.

Talk about Cikapundung river. Cikapundung is one of the important river to Bandung city because it supply the water to the city. In the eastern part of Cikapundung river there is also public space and also dancing fountain. The show of dancing fountain can be seen on the weekend start from about 7 to 10 at night. If I'm not mistaken, there is a plan to revitalized this river from the government of Bandung. Maybe there can be a water cruise like in Venice? The public lighting pillar is already Venice's style.

Jalan Asia Afrika is free from car in Saturday night. It is the suggestion from Bandung Police Department to reduce the traffic. So the people can take a picture, holiday, and enjoy Bandung from its deep center.

Since tomorrow is Ramadhan, let's do the best for this holy time.

Happy fasting,

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

San Andreas

Have you seen San Andreas? Yup, movie about huge earthquake and tsunami in West Coast of USA. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and the gorgeous Alexandra Daddario are two actor/ actress who play in this movie.
The movie is begin with how Ray (The Rock) save a girl from car that fall from a cliff and then huge earthquake destroy the Hoover Dam. Local expert that can predict the earthquake claim that earthquake can be predicted by measure the magnitude of the magnetic field. Then all San Andreas fault is flood by tsunami. Ray's daughter (Alexandra Daddario) is trapped in the building. Finally, Ray come and save his daughter. But, not the movie that I want to share. It is lesson from the movie that we can survive from the disaster by do some small thing.
Triangle of Life, this is the save place when earthquake occur. We can stay near the strong building, find the strongest structure and if the structure fall, it will form a triangle.
Under the table, we can cover under the table for avoid things that fall toward our head. The earthquake will last for approximately 30 seconds.
Tsunami alarm is essential for the people near the shore. In this movie, with tsunami alarm, the people have few minutes to go to higher place and survive from tsunami.
Yes we cannot predict precisely when the natural disaster will come, but at least the system now can warn the people that in the area that affected. Hope the more advance system can be created to save a lot of people. Don't forget sharing fortune to other people. Share fortune (sedekah in Indonesia) with others will avoid us from disaster.
Have a nice time,

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Borobudur, World Heritage Site of Indonesia

Borobudur temple, one of many world heritage sites in Indonesia, is located in Magelang, Central Java. It can be reached by one hour driving from Jogjakarta. The first impression when arrive at the temple site is HOT! The weather is so hot and humid. Don't forget to bring water, hat, or even an umbrella. Admission ticket for local tourist is IDR 30.000. Purchase the ticket from counter, enter to automatic gate, and wow, the temple is right there (approx. 500 meters from the gate), still quite far away :p

In Borobudur, there is also elephant riding tour. Maybe it is like in Bali or Lampung (Way Kambas). In the field beside the elephant ride, it was an event of Kuda Lumping dance.

In no time, yes, it is the Borobudur temple. The Buddhist temple that was built by Syailendra Dynasty in 9th century. I forgot about history thing in elementary school about who is the architect, why this temple was built, but surely, it is stunning! The huge temple, built with no cement,and it is 12 centuries old.

It is amazing how the people built it. The relief in every wall and panel is so detail. It is tell us about the culture in the past, maybe law in Buddhist, and also other ancient believe. I even can predict how the people made it centuries year ago.

Borobudur is consist of several levels. Every level has its own story and statue. Buddha statue is dominating the statue when we go to the upper level.

When arrived at the peak of the temple, the view is beautiful, Borobudur circle is a lot of green view, trees, mountains, and several houses in far. Although the weather is so hot, but when we enjoy the view, weather is not a problem anymore.

Well the best time to visit Borobudur is in hot season, when it comes to rainy season, the view will not as clear as in hot season. Since Borobudur is the one of world heritage site, you have to visit it sometimes.

See you,

Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Trip My Adventure

What you do when you are stuck to routines? Vacation of course. Last week, it is a hard week, many field assignment, documents and audit, budget planning for year 2015, and else. So, it is time for vacation. Based on articles in internet, we need break, refreshing, vacation every 90 days. For workers who only have 12 days off per year, maybe short vacation is the answer.

Jogja is a right place to spend the days off. It is 5 hours journey by train. I chose Lodaya Malam train, departs from Tasik around 10 p.m. and arrives in Jogja around 3 a.m. Ticket price is from IDR 150.000 to IDR 300.000, based on the class you choose. I chose the cheapest ones, and feel pain on my back :p, but overall, I enjoyed the trip. The train arrived at 3:30 a.m. a little behind the schedule. Fortunately, my friend is willing to pick me up at train station in very early morning. Thank you very much bro!

After flash sleep, the journey had begun.

First stop: Nasi Pecel Bu Wiryo
Location: Somewhere near UGM
Menu: I chose nasi pecel plus egg and of course crackers (IDR 20.000, quite expensive for me :p)

It is suitable for breakfast, fast serve, little "heavy", not too spicy. Ok, breakfast done, it is time to go hiking. The destination is the famous Mt. Merapi. The one of most active volcano in Indonesia, stands almost 3.000 meters a.s.l. But...the rain is down.

We have to wait until the rain is done because we climb the mountain using old, open roof jeep. Yes, off-road time is coming!

We chose the short trip (IDR 300.000 per jeep) because the weather is not so good, also there is risk of landslide. The trip is about two hours long, visit museum of Merapi, alien rock, and bunker. The museum of Merapi is a (rest of a) house near the peak of Merapi. The stuffs are all covered by volcano's ash. There is also the skeleton of buffalo which is the proof of how the heat of eruption demolish all things. Last eruption of Merapi is in 2010. It is also the end of Mbah Maridjan's life, who is "keeper" of Mt. Merapi.

Alien rock is a huge rock that fly from the crater of Merapi, not sure from 2006 or 2010 eruption. The shape of the rock is look alike human face.

The bunker is like protection house for the people who lives in 5 km radius of Mt. Merapi. Now, the bunker is closed due to 2010 eruption.

From bunker, the view of Mt. Merapi is very good. I took the picture of the jeep with Mt. Merapi as a background. A stunning scenery!

This is my trip, my adventure. What's yours?